I’m writing this article a few days after I got rejected from UC Berkeley.

My 21-year-old self experiences rejection from a top university and wonders if UBC (the other uni I applied to) will admit her or no. You know how my experience goes? I am so happy, sincerely. Let me tell you why.

At 13, I got rejected from Ayb High School (the best in my local area), and I felt terrible. I was the best in my school but got denied because I scored low on their maths exam. As a kid, I was so worried about my…

Do you remember the good old days when we were playing PacMan and sometimes losing because of “intelligent” ghosts? What a wonderful era!

Apparently, the ghosts were not moving in a random path. And this article aims to provide AI solutions for the paths that can be used for ghosts as well as for the PacMan to reach the goal. This article will not discuss a way to implement the actual game (with all maze logic, pills, UI and etc.), this is an algorithmic discussion 🤓. This article uses Java for coding example purposes ☕️.

The article covers algorithms of…

In iOS development, collection views are widely used, and this article aims to demonstrate a solution for having tags in minimal rows. In other words, we want to have the following.

Tatevik Tovmasyan

iOS Developer, Passionate about AI & ML, Loves algorithms ❤️

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